Roy Akarakian, MD

Emergency Medicine Physician located in Victorville, CA & San Bernardino, CA

About Dr. Roy Akarakian

Roy Akarakian, MD, of the Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Institute is a board-certified Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship trained physician. Dr. Akarakian grew up in Los Angeles, having attended UCLA for his undergraduate degree in Psychobiology. He then moved to Detroit, Michigan to complete his medical education and training at the Wayne State University School of Medicine and remained in Detroit to do an Emergency Medicine Residency at Henry Ford Hospital and a Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Detroit Medical Center. Roy is fluent in English and Armenian.

Dr. Akarakian specializes in treatment of all joints and body parts including shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, foot, ankle, back, sciatica, carpal tunnel, concussions, fractures, and sacroiliac (SI) joint injuries. He is also one of few doctors specializing in industry leading Diagnostic Ultrasound evaluations, saving patients considerable time and money compared to a MRI, as well as one of the few experts using cutting edge Ultrasound-guided injections, nerve hydrodissections, needle tenotomy and regenerative platelet rich plasma injections (PRP). Dr. Akarakian has lectured and taught workshops internationally, such as the 2022 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society Conference in Toledo, Spain. He is currently seeing patients at the Victorville and San Bernardino, California, offices.